Working from Home & Productivity Challenges

Going from job to job in the last few years hasn’t been the easiest on me. I started out at a job I loved, but had nowhere to move forward with (and they were paying me peanuts for the amount of work I was doing), and I ended up leaving that job for my last job – which was more money but I absolutely HATED it. It was sales, it wasn’t structured, they had no idea what they wanted me to do. I cried three times in the six months I worked there. It was awful for a wide range of reasons.

Fast forward to now. I love my job, it has me working from home, and I love the people I work with. There is one thing I have been struggling with – and really, if I am being honest – I have struggled with this my entire life. Organization & Productivity.

It’s been almost five months I believe that I switched jobs and started working from home. Since then, me and Chris have built ourselves a full double home office with absolutely everything we could need.

I have three areas of my life I now need to organize on a daily basis – Personal, Work & Creative. I’m not very good at it either. I know I need to come up with a basic system, so I have started there.

Calendar – Google Calendar
I use Google Calendars for all three areas of my life. Each one linked to a separate Google account (you’ll find out very quickly that I LOVE Google.) Our personal calendar is like a family Calendar, shared between me and Chris.

To Do Lists – Google Tasks & Tasksboard
I love having my Google Task lists all incorporated into my Google Ecosystem, but I need the Board view, and that is where Tasksboard comes into play.

Note Taking – Google Keep Notes
If I am being honest, Google Keep could be way better than what it is – but, I want all of my tools under one roof, so we are working with it. I do hear they are adding some new text formatting features soon which is really exciting.

File Organization – Google Drive (Surprise, surprise)
I use Google Drive for pretty much everything. I am getting more in the habit of keeping my journaling there with templates, Chris and I keep our finances and budget in Google Drive, and we share folders that apply to both of us.

Now, the one thing I have to do is go in and keep all three areas (Personal, Work & Creative) updated, and make sure I am taking the time to do the things I have set out to do. This becomes the second hardest thing for me – but I am trying.


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